Rates and Operating Hours

 What's Happening Every Week


5:00pm-7:30pm Club Practice $10

6:00pm-7:00pm Boot Camp $10


3:30pm-5:00pm OZ Squash Junior Program $50 per term

7:30pm-Late BCS Interclub Competition $13


Elite Squad training 3:30pm-5:30pm $5

5:30pm-7:30pm Club Practice $10

Boot Camp 6:00pm-7:00pm $10


3:30pm-5:30pm Elite Squad Training $5 

7:30pm-Late BCS Interclub Competition $13


9:30am-1:00pm BCS Interclub Competition $8

3:30pm-5:30pm Elite Squad Training $5 


9:00am-12:30pm Junior Interclub Competition $10


1:30pm-4:30pm Club Practice $10



Court Hire for Non-members

$20 p/h before 3pm

$22 p/h after 3pm

$3 racquet hire

$10 for Club Practice (during club practice hours only)

Club Membership

BCS Competition players +Unlimited Social Squash

$93 + $9.90 per week

Half Year $56 plus $9.90 per week

NON Competition player/ Unlimited Social Squash

$50 + $9.90 per week

BCS Competition player only




Club members can play for as long as they want permitting court availability.

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Trading Hours

Monday: 10am to last booking
Tuesday: 10am to last booking
Wednesday: 10am to last booking
Thursday: 10am to last booking
Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed

 XMAS Trading Hours

24th-26th Closed

27th-29th 8am-12pm

30th 12:30-5:30

31st-2nd Closed

3rd 8am-4pm