Sandgate Professional Jessica Turnbull helped design this racquet. 110g Frame weight, with a slight head light balance this racquet gives you all the power you need to drive your opponents off the court.

  Sandgate Professional Rhys Dowling helped design this racquet. 135g with a slight head light balance this racquet will optimize your short game and give you the touch that you need to win rallies
Sandgate Junior Katie Davies uses this racquet to run her opponents ragged on the court. The extra control from the head light feature of this racquet allows for sensational drop shots.
Sandgate Head Pro Nathan Turnbull uses this racquet for the great balance between power and control.
Sandgate Juniors Declan Cashman and Ben Murray both choose this masterpiece to give them the control and touch needed to outsmart their opponents.
Sandgate Junior Madison Lyon uses this weapon. It gives her the power she wants to Punish her opponents in the back corners.